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Donald Harris
Waxahachie Texas
We got Ally the day she turned 8 weeks. She is 9.5 weeks old now. She has settled into our house and lives easily. It took her less than a day to be comfortable. She has a lot of energy, is very alert (when she’s not puppy napping), loves to play with her toys, and enthusiastically chews on just about anything. She’s very sweet and has a lot of personality. We are very lucky to have her with us and look forward to watching her grow into a fantastic GSD. 
​Reznicek Family/ A litter Ally Family Protection Dog
Our German Shepherd Puppy is sable in Color, Big Boned with correct structure, with superb Temperament. Our German Shepherd Pupy was bred with one of the Top German Shepherd Breeders Standards. His name is Archie. Archie is good dog for Family Protection, Best Friend an Family Pet. Archie is very intelligent and have an out going and friendly attitude, and make the perfect family pet. Mr. Harris is a excellent breeder. Thank you Mr. Harris for this wonderful and lovely dog "Archie ". Valentina,Franciny and George.
A litter Archie Family Protection Dog

We wanted to tell you how happy we are with Bella. Bella is a FANTASTIC dog. Her temperment and personality are excellent. She is not only intelligent, she is beautiful as well. Bella has been a wonderful addition to our family. We look forward to having her for years to come. B litter Bella
Jack, Lisa & Cami Mallam

Hello, I'm from the Czech Republic and my sister Brutus on behalf of Brian is a very clever dog has 14 trials of exercise also ZVV3. Brutus was known as a puppy. His trainer is my friend. Brutus is a very good dog. Sincerely, John Lakomá www.poliriki.cz

Prior to the 1989 revolution in the Czech Republic which led to the fall of their communist government, the breeding of German Shepherd Dogs was predominately that of working dogs. What is unique is that this breeding has revolved around one kennel, owned by the Czechoslovakian Army's Pohranicni Straze (Border Patrol). 

The Kennel z Pohranicni Straze (Z PS) was founded in the year 1955 for the sole purpose of producing and training dogs that would be exclusively used for the protection of the borders of the Czechoslovakian People's Republic or, since 1968, the Czechoslovakian Socialist Republic. Most of the dogs used for breeding were acquired from the territory of former East Germany, as well as dogs from Czechoslovakia that excelled in their character qualities. 

The stud dogs, females and puppies were cared after by military service conscripts. The dogs were trained at the Kennels for about 12 months, and then relocated to Border Patrol training facilities (nowadays they're quartered at Czech police training facilities). 

The breeding program, established in 1956, has been under the direction of Mr.Jiri Novotny who, since 1981, has been the director of training. The main foundation of the breeding program has been focused on strengthening the power of bones, dark pigmentation, strong nerves and willingness to work in tracking, obedience and defense work. 

While the kennel name remains "z Pohranicni Straze", it is now under the Pohranicni Policie (Border Police). 

Depended upon Daily 

During the years under the communist regime, the Czechoslovakian border patrol and their dogs would apprehend 20 to 30 people on a daily basis. While nine out of ten people would give up when confronted, the dogs were regularly called upon to defend their handlers from those intent on crossing the border at whatever cost. 

Today the Czech Border Police share border stations with their German counter parts who maintain a tight control over economical refugees from former Eastern Block entering Germany. Those who are not given visa's to legally enter Germany attempt to cross this same Czech border. While many are crossing to seek a better life in Western Europe and usually do not resist arrest, an increasing number are connected with organized crime and are pose a considerable threat. 

The "z Pohranicni Straze" German Shepherd Dogs continue to be called upon to respond daily in high risk, threatening situations. The training courses to prepare them are likewise demanding as are the requirements for breeding. 

Breeding Facilities 

There are three breeding facilities with a total of 80 breeding females that make up the "z Pohranicni Straze" kennel. There are 30 stud dogs, all of which are on active duty with their handlers. The breeding facilities are located within the Czech Border Police compounds in Domazlice, Libejovice and Prackovice. These compounds have high security status with access to them strictly forbidden to anyone, including Czech Border Police, who do not work at the specific facility. 

Obtaining a Pohranicni Straze German Shepherd Dog 

There are three ways in which quality dogs from this highly desired "z Pohranicni Straze" kennel are available. 

I. Studs Fees: The z Pohranicni Straze kennel breeds their females occasionally to dogs owned by civilians. The stud dogs chosen are outstanding working dogs selected for their ability to consistently produce dogs with exceptional working ability. The owner of the stud has the option of being paid or taking a puppy for payment. Most people take the latter option in order to own a "Z Pohranicni staze" dog. 

II. Whelping litters: There are three kennels owned by civilians which the z Pohranicni Straze kennel works closely, Z Jirkova dvora, Jipo-Me and Z Blatenskeho zamku. These kennels, owned by civilians, are at times given the opportunity to take Pohranicni Straze breeding females and whelp the litters. In return, these private kennels keep half of the litter which bears the kennel name "z Pohranicni Straze". 

III. Dog for dog: There are also times in which Pohranicni Straze Kennel trades dogs with these three kennels as another way to bring desired dogs and bloodlines into the Pohranicni Straze breeding program. 

Center of Breeding 

Through these three ways in which civilians have had access to z Pohranicni Straze dogs the kennel has managed to be at the center of breeding in both the former Czechoslovakia and the present day Czech Republic. Many of these dogs have been purchased by Schutzhund competitors in both Western Europe and the United States, often placing high at championship events. 
Mr. Jiri Novotny Breed Warden Czech Republic

History of Z Pohranicni Straze kennel 


​Ally 11 Months Old Updated Picture

​Czar and Luna. Czar has very good hips and elbows.
1 year old in Picture

                                                                Cricket 11 Months
                                                                Smallest Boy at Birth
                                                                C Litter

​                                                                  Calypso
                                                                  6 Months Old

Czar 1st Birthday
​Brink 9 Months
Donald, We can't express how grateful we are to have Czar. Czar is a fast learner, tough and intelligent GSD. He is doing very well in his Schutzhund/IPO training and will go for his BH in Oct. 2013 Although he was purchased as a family pet, he truly is a special dog, he is "real protector" for sure. He has nerves of steel, he will not back down from anything nor will he give up the fight or come off a bite until told to do so. When he is told he calms right down and is approachable immediately. We are lucky to have found you and lucky to have Czar, he is a member of the family and ready to "work" when called upon. Thanks again for such a special dog, we could not be any happier. Luna is really coming out of her "shell", her drive and willingness to work has gone ballistic, her energy level has increased x10 since hitting 1 year old. She is doing very well in her obedience and is VERY FAST doing so. She and Czar are inseparable ! Czar is a bully but Luna certainly hold her own. Take Care, Ben

​Big congrats to Robert and Ally. These are excellent hips and her elbows look just as good.
​Hi Donald!
Just wanted to finally sit down and write you an update on Dagger :). She is just what we were looking for, incredibly sweet girl that loves to play, but also knows how to settle down and snuggle. Her prey drive, as far as I can tell is quite nice, she loves to chase after rags/tugs/balls. Good level of drive without being hectic at all. Her bite is nice and she will fix it naturally if she doesn't get a good grip the first time, which I like. I also LOVE that she is a natural retriever. I have had experiences with shepherds that love to get a toy and run away with it, but she likes to bring the toy back which is a huge plus in my book. It takes so much time out of training/play when they just run off with a toy lol! Her food drive is moderate, she isn't crazy about food, but she will still work for it as long as there isn't something else really exciting going on. I'm going to keep trying with different training treats to see if I can't find something she values higher. Her color is just gorgeous, very rich, and she gets compliments everywhere she goes. Her bone is also very nice, I love the puppy stage, but I can't wait to see how she turns out. She really is exactly what we were looking for. A nice balance of drives on a dark sable girl that has the potential for sport, but can also live happily indoors. The only thing that I do notice is that she is a little sharp when it comes to other dogs. She will growl or bark at other dogs if she sees any. We are trying to work on focus to get her to stop reacting to other dogs, but I know that will come with time. She is not at all aggressive towards them, we have met a few safe, friendly dogs, and after her initial barking, she greets in a friendly manner. We are going on walks in areas with dogs so that she becomes desensitized and learns that there is nothing exciting about them. Anyways, the behavior doesn't seem any more unusual than other shepherds I have seen in the past. They are just not golden retrievers and are naturally suspicious. If you have any further advice on how to make her less dog reactive, I am all ears! She does great with children, we have met several children on our walks and she is very tolerate of their noises and petting lol. She especially seems to like little girls, she met a little girl at Petsmart who was just dying to pet her and when she held out her hand, Dagger came up and started licking her, it was very sweet. Thanks again for an amazing dog, I can tell she is going to be a lot of fun :)

Hi Donald,
Thought I would drop you a quick line about Bruiser. He is doing extremely well and we are quite pleased with him. He has now been to the vet three times (two different vets; think we have found a good one now and will continue to see him). Bruiser weighed in at a robust 24 pounds at his last vet visit (Friday 08/16) and still has his good trim figure. Vet actually said he was a little underweight, so I have increased his food intake a bit. Little guy always acts like he's starving but I know better (he is getting 3-4 cups of food per day). He seems to really enjoy obedience work and has at least 15 commands down already. We continue to socialize him to new people and experiences. Few things give him pause, and he always meets the challenges well. Not many opportunities to socialize him with other dogs, but he and our Golden are getting along
fabulously. Everyone who meets him loves the way he looks and behaves.

​Don- this dog is unreal- he hasn't even been here for 24 hours and he hops in his crate when he needs a nap, grabs water without having to search for it( knows right were it is), goes on the lawn to pee, has no problem playing alone. He is so confident and head strong. My wife and I can't stop watching him. Unreal dog- thanks!!!

You Should see how good this dog can track at 4 months. It's crazy. My friend that I train with his dog is FH1 and he can't believe how good he is. Nose down for the whole half hour.