Teufel Hunden German Shepherds
Chaos von der Canyon
Chaos is a solid black serious female with a strong territorial behavior. She is 75lbs lean and very muscular. Her speed is extreme and she has no fear. Her hips have been x-rayed and look good. She is a granddaughter of the world famous Illo v. d. Abfuhr.
Ella Caini de Politie

Ella is a large female with a serious side. Her prey is over the top and she is naturally suspicious of strangers. She has been x-rayed and her hips and elbows look excellent. Ella's pedigree is loaded with some of the best working dogs of all time. We expect Ella to pass her size and prey on to her progeny.
Illo von der Abfuhr, DOB July 29th 1998 Hips 0 / 0, IPO3, SchH3, selective breed 4CI1 / P Illo is medium sized and strong male with super social behavior and at the same time enormously hard protection. His Agitation and excitement is immediate. His biting is sure, fast and hard. He CAN bite man without protection And suit without a problem. Illo comes from German working blood, from his bloodline and his manifest aspect he is suitable everywhere where you need to increase hardness, sharpness and aggression. Illo is Able to Be Used for the Police work or your personal protection without Any problem. Because of his size and temperament the dog is able to be succesfully used in a tropical and subtropical climate. 
Vanesko is a top male, who has everything to be one of the most powerful police dog ever lived on earth. With great look, and a great pedigree he has all the working abilities we want in a top dog. In all the trials he did he earned very high scores, and in SchH3 even a V. His results until now were:
SchH1 99-90-93
SchH2 99-96-100
SchH3 97-97-96
 Vanesko is a very hard, tough dog and seems to transmit these qualities amazingly well. He is linebred to Greif zum Lahntal, with Greif showing up in the pedigree 7 times. Vanesko is a middle-sized dog with a very strong, wide body. So far, his offspring are turning out to be very tough like their father. They should make outstanding police dogs.
Cira Jipo me is a Czech import. Cira is a daughter of Mambo z Pohranicni 
Straze and Chayma z Pohranicni Straze. She inherited her father hardness 
and fighting drive. Also she loves tracking. Cira will produce extremely nice, 
dark pigmented and very hard dogs.

Show: Velmi dobra (very good)
Breed Survey: 1st class 5JVQ1/P
Elbows: 0/0, Hips: 0/0 DNA

Mambo z Pohranicni straze
Norbo Ben Ju

NORBO BEN-JU represents the working dog with the look of the original German Shepherd. Norbo was born October 29th, 1995. Norbo was born October 29th, 1995. He is a big, strong, healthy dog ​​with absolutely perfectly healthy back, hips and elbows. Norbo went through really hard training that left no effect on his hard and uncompromising character. In HIS case he is a dog with enormously developed and retrieve prey drive. His prey drive doesn't prevent him from uncompromisingly stop any attack of any person even without the protective aids for biting. Not Even 5-y old He has been three times Attending the World Championship and WUSF Has always placed object in the first third of all contestants. Especially hard is his way of stopping of the attacking helper. In the current time Norbu Has completed IPO3, SchH3 and now he is ready to complete ZVV titles. He has been evaluated DOBRY on the exhibition, regarding to his character and performance on the competitions NORBO has been selected to the 1st breeding class for the life with 5KV5/55.  He has completed his competition career at the international working studs show in Bratislava in October 2000. NORBA is not a product of inline breeding. His father Car z Kostoljanskej cesty is one of the most successful stud dogs in Slovakia as far as the number of the offspring successfully placed in the Championship competition of working dogs is concerned. His mother Norba-Chuna Policia comes from the best lines of the z Pohranicni straze dogs. NORBO's blood should be used everywhere where you need to improve health, strength of nerves and the strength of constitution type. His blood will occupy the considerable place in the breeding of working GSD. 

MAMBO z Pohranicni straze. MAMBO is one of the last real dogs bred in z Pohranicni straze kennel. 
From his father's line he belongs to the 5th blood line from the branch founded by TREU v. Schaeferstolz. The side line is formed by 2nd blood line, represented by world renown BRIX v. Kampfwald. MAMBO's mother belongs to the 3rd bloodline founded by by KLODO Boxberg.
MAMBO is medium large male with strong bones and dark pigmentation. His movements are absolutely firm and spacious. MAMBO is sharp and at the same time he has very high prey drive. The biggest reward for the correct training is a thrown ball. MAMBO is a product of a working blood and regarding to his overall presentation it is possible to expect dark pigmented, hard dogs with very high working drives. 
Adel is a solid black very loyal dog. Extremeley hard civil dog scared inexperienced agitatators and had respect from the experieced ones. Her hips are rated good A2.  She is used as a personal protection dog and did very well. She passes her hardness onto her pups. Her pedigree has some very good dogs including V Karlo vom Peko Haus FH SCHH3 Kkl 1, SG Robby vom Glockeneck SchH3 FH IP3 Kkl 1, Pure DDR V Jana vom Glockeneck SchH3 FH Kkl 1, and many more.

Nika z Jirkova Dvora
PARDAL is a typical son of his father ATILA z Kociciho dvora and therefore he belongs to the 3rd bloodline where he is geneticaly strenghtened via renowned dogs GRIM z PS and ILLO v.d. Abfuhr. From his dam's side we have to stress outstanding female DARKA z PS that was whole-life used at z Pohranicni straze kennel and was by far the best daughter of her father GRIM z PS. PARDAL is fast, has happy performance and has great willingness to work for his handler. PARDAL has very good hunt drive, natural sharpness and alertness. His strongest point are his tracking skills. At his IPO3 title judge evaluated his performance by 100 points. So far PARDAL has ZVV2 and IPO3 titles. We expect PARDAL to be an significant improver of devolving dark sable color, working abilities and strong health on his progeny. 

Pardal z Jirkova Dvora
Cita z Valskeho udoli
Atila z Kociciho Dvora
Navar Hronovsky Pramen
NAVAR Hronovsky pramen, DOB June 20. 2004.
NAVAR is typical son of PLUTO z Pohranicni straze. He inherited his strong bones, strong stud head, dark pigmentation and mainly his temperament. NAVAR is a dog with huge self-confidence who would like to rule his neighbourhood. Compared to PLUTO he is much more agile and has harder protection. His favourite disciplines are tracking and protection. NAVAR is a member of V. bloodline from his sire's side and from his mother's side he belongs to the III. bloodline that is always and everywhere excels with great training ability. NAVAR can be used in a breeding program everywhere where you need to improve the bone strength, pigmentation and overall self-confidence.

ATILA z Kociciho dvora, is a 2nd typical son of DARGO Ha-Ja-Da that will be used in our breeding program. From his sire's line he belongs to the 3rd bloodline and from his dam's side he belongs to the 2nd bloodline over the renown branch of GREIF v. Felsenstein, LOGAN Onix, AJO Ja-Kra, CAR pod Molnosskou banou, CORDON An Sat, ORI z Danaru. ATILA is very nice medium large and very dark sable male with superb training abilities. All his liveliness is put into the working of his handler. ATILA has a very high ball drive, prey drive and at the same time he is naturally suspicious of strangers. In his less than 3 years he represented at Czech Republic Championship where he ended up in the 1st half of contestants. We expect ATILA to produce dogs for top sport and also dogs for Police work that will be used in more demanding service conditions.

CITA belongs from her father NAVAR Hronovsky pramen side to the 5th bloodline, specifically to the East German (DDR) blood via EX v. Riedstern...ARKO v. Grafental, TREU v. Schaeferstolz. From her mother's side she carries blood of the 2nd blood line. Majority of CITA's ancestry is created by males and female that were used at the breeding program of former border guard kennel z Pohranicni straze (z PS). CITA is medium large with strong bones, considerable head and solid black color. She is easily trainable and also controllable. Till the age of 2 years she's competed 11 working titles. We believe that CITA will be a great asset to the production of dogs.
Dora Mania Bohemia
Dora is a Czech import with OFFA Good hips. She's a very beautiful solid black girl. Her prey drive is over the top and she is naturally suspicious of strangers. She's a very sweet dog with her family but will protect if needed. Dora is a proven mother and produces very nice dogs. We are pleased to have found Dora and cant wait to incorporate some of her progeny into our program. Dora is a daughter of the great Zoran Ben Ju and Bara z Opvony.
SG Zoran Ben Ju

DOB: 28. may 2002
HD-ED: 0/0 - 0/0

Zoran had the following scores when he earned his titles: 

ScH 1 (97-91-92)
ScH 2 (98-91-98)
ScH 3 (99-90-96)
IPO 3 (99-90-100!!!)

-Zoran was also shown "velmi dobry" 5y5/55 P.I.tr.2005-2006! 
-He was named to the all Czech IPO team in 2006 and 2007!
-Earned 3rd place in qualification to go to world competition of Sch Dogs. 
-Participated in Nationals in Slovakia. 
-Winner of International Comp of breeding dogs a Bratislava.

​Bara z Oplovny

ZVV2, IPO3 ( 280 points ), SchH2 all passed during two years
Schh3, ZVV3
5CV1/P 2.cl

Luna von der Canyon
Luna is a larger female with very nice color and bone. She is a daughter to Dyk Mania Bohemia who's a full brother to our Dora. Luna has very good prey and a natural civil side. Her pedigree is full of the greats including Barny Al-Zdor, Car z Kostolianskej cesty, Zoran Ben Ju, Tea Ben Ju,, and Titus z Pohranicni Straze. Luna will be x-rayed soon and she is currently working in agility then on to her BH. Her first breeding will be to Czar von der Teufel which will be 5-5 on the great Norbo Ben Ju. Luna is with our good friend Ben in Stafford Va on co-own terms.
Dyk Mania Bohemia  
FCI CMKU Hips A 0/0 Elbows A 0/0 Spine Clear DNA # V 578286 DM A/N
Cheyenne von der Ost Kuste  
Hips OFA GS-81259G25F Elbows OFA GSEL23598F25 DM N/N
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