Teufel Hunden German Shepherds
Brutus z kociciho Dvora
Hips/Elbows 0/0

Brutus is an import from the Czech Republic and we feel very fortunate to have him. He's ZVV1 titled and his hips and elbows have been evaluated and given the highest ratings. Brutus is a hard dog and weighs 95lbs. We expect Brutus to pass his size and hardness on to his progeny. Brutus is available for stud to approved females only.
XANT z Jirkova dvora. XANT is a typical son of his father DARGO Ha-Ja-Da. When he is trained than he always work with full effort. His obedience is very attractive, fast and done with complete effort. Here he misses points for minor inaccuracies that correspond with his big will and speed in which he does the obedience. His mother, daughter of GERO z Blatenskeho zamku, passed complete and absolute harness onto XANT which can be seen inhis work. His bloodlines belong to the 3rd blood line founded by KLODO Boxberg. His famous ancestors include his fatherDARGO Ha-Ja-Da (ZVV3, IPO3, SchH3, ZPS1, Czech Republic Championship representative), his grandfather GRIM z Pohranicni straze (ZVV3,IPO3,SCHH3,WUSF representative, 5 times Czech Republic Championship representative). From his mother's side GERO z Blatenskeho zamku (ZVV3,IPO3,SCHH3,ZPS1,OP1). 
ZVV3 94-92-93(279) 
IPO3 88-89-94(271) 
SchH3 98-92-91(281) 
ZPS1 95-97(192) 
Not only did Dargo achieve the highly coveted ZVV3 title, with very impressive scores, but he was also the winner of the 2001 International Stud Dog Show in Bratislava, Slovakia. An exceptional achievement only a handful of dogs are worthy of receiving. Dargo's size is medium large and his temperament is exceptionally hard. Having easily completed tracks 4-5hrs old and a few kilometers in length, his tracking is accurate and fast. Obedience is high drive, upbeat and fast. His protection work is hard hitting, fast and full mouthed. He's for real, not just for sport. Dargo is a proven producer of exceptional quality dogs such as CAT, Res. CACIT Xant z Jirkova dvora ZVV3, IPO3, ZPO1, ZPS1 5JV1/P 1.tr. vyborny a(0/0) and Atila z Kociciho dvora IPO3, ZVV1, VPG1, VPG2, ZPO1 5CVQ1/P 2.tr. vd. a(0/0) both current studdogs at Jinopo Kennel. 

           Xant z Jirkova dvora
Dargo Ha-Ja-Da
Gero is strong and large typical stud dog with gorgeous dark sable color. Gero comes from Omar z Blatenskeho zamku who is a father of many working dogs in the Czech Republic. Gero is very self-confident, uncompromising towards strangers. His biting and tracking is perfect. Throughout his career of stud dog Gero became a father of huge number of puppies in the Czech Republic. It is apparent that he gives his type, hardness and beautiful dark sable color to his progeny.

Gero z blatenskeho zamku